Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment



-        You are required to purchase a real estate worth minimum 250.000 USD. It can be a single property, or several properties with a total value of 250.000 USD.

-        The kind of property can be a house, apartment, shop, office, land, etc, or combined.

-        The value of the property bought is verified with an official Valuation Survey Report, prepared by an Licensed Agent. The value mentioned in the report must be over 250.000 USD.

-        The value of the property (min. 250.000 USD) must be declared during the sales in Title Deed Office.

-        The payments of the property purchase must be made through wire transfer from applicants account to the sellers account.

-        If the property is bought with mortgage, the advance payment initially paid must be over 250.000 USD.

-        The property purchased cannot be sold for 3 years.

-        Applicants’ wife’s consent is needed during citizenship application.

-        We personally assist you through all the steps required. Or, to make things much easier, you can give our lawyer a POA from the notary, and enjoy the rest. We will complete all the procedures.

-        If the applicant comes to Turkey alone, and asking citizenship for his wife and children, there are other docs needed. Please consult us for more detailed information.